The Big Island offers real estate for any taste

Of the eight main Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, also known as the Big Island, is by far the most diverse. From the dry, almost desert like conditions on the leeward side of the island to the rainforests on the windward side, the Big Island offers real estate for any taste.

The Big Island is divided into 9 regions, all under the municipality of the County of Hawaii. From the northernmost tip of the island, moving clockwise, these districts include:

• North Kohala
• Hamakua
• North Hilo
• South Hilo
• Puna
• Kau
• South Kona
• North Kona
• South Kohala

Because of its diversity, when choosing real estate on the Big Island, it’s best to first determine the type of environment in which you want to live. Cool, sometimes windy weather and wide-open green pastures and paniolos (Hawaiian cowboys) are found in Kamuela. Dry, hot weather is typical in Kailua-Kona. If you love rain, Hilo won’t disappoint, as it’s one of the wettest spots on earth. Then there are all the other areas on the island, each unique.

Big Island Hawaii real estate prices vary as well. Single-family homes range in price from $39,900 for a small cabin in Southpoint to over $39 million dollars for a breathtaking estate in the Kukio area of Kailua-Kona.

Shopping for a condo on the Big Island? If you have a tight budget check out Hilo where you can pick up a top-floor condo, fully furnished, for $14,900. Luxury condo buyers will love the exclusive villas at Hualalai that are listed at $5,799,000.

Whoever first claimed that land is valuable because we have a finite supply obviously never visited the Big Island. Every time one of the island’s active volcanoes spews lava that reaches the sea, the island grows. If you’re in the market for a parcel of Big Island vacant land, you won’t be disappointed. Developers can pick up almost 64 oceanfront acres, designated for seven homes, on the Kohala Coast for $21,500,000. If you just want a piece of paradise on which to build a house, consider Hawaiian Ocean View Estates, in the southern part of the island. Here you can purchase a vacant lot for as little as $4,500. If you want to live closer to the action, there’s a new subdivision in Kailua-Kona, Wainani Estates, with parcels from $114,500.

The Big Island of Hawaii is large enough to fit all of the other main Hawaiian Islands between its shores, with a total landmass of 4,028 square miles. Here you will find Mauna Kea, the world’s tallest mountain, when measured from the sea floor. It is also home to Ka Lae, the southern most tip of the United States and Hilo, one of the wettest spots on earth.

As a resident you can ski Mauna Loa and make it to Hapuna Beach to sunbathe in the same day. Life in Hawaii is special and life on the Big Island is amazing.

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